We infuse timeless tea tradition with the flavor of modern life...


All over the globe, tea has evolved alongside the people and landscapes that  influence each flavor and inspire new creations. 

Throughout history, philosophers and painters, commoners, and the elite class alike gathered in tea rooms and cafes to discuss ideas both artistic and intellectual. 

Along with traditions, myths and subtle nuances are a part of each culture's rich history of tea. 

At Tavalon we not only supply the best, premium tea to the world, but we also inspire our audience with the many different aspects of tea, from the health benefits to tradition, history, and the art of enjoyment. 

Tavalon brings tea back into the spotlight by presenting a fresh, new, accessible tradition to delight both tea connoisseurs and newcomers. 


In other words, we’re reinventing tradition by sharing our passion for tea.


In 2005, Tavalon Founder & CEO John-Paul was sitting in Covent Garden in London, drinking a Caffe Latte.

As he looked at the people around him, he noted that all of them- folks both young and old, from all different walks of life- were not sharing in his coffee-drinking experience, but instead enjoying tea. 

As an American, used to the fast-paced life coffee chains have inspired, this tea ritual struck him as unusual, but incredible. 

Upon returning to the States, John-Paul brought the seed of inspiration with him… He quickly realized that his dream could become the next evolution of tea culture. 

From its inception, Tavalon inspired the modern palette by selecting and blending premium, one-of-a-kind recipes and loose-leaf teas from all over the world.

John-Paul Lee Interview with Noblesse Magazine


“It’s my mission to create the best premium tea blends the world has ever known that cater to the modern palette.” 
John-Paul Lee


Music is a passion that we’ve always drawn inspiration from.  Just like there is a genre of music for everyone, there is a type of tea for everyone.  So 

Like music, tea is an age-old experience shared and enjoyed practically everywhere around the world.

Music permeates through our approach and our teas. Like music, “Mixes” are our completely original inventions, “Remixes” are our interpretations of classics, and “the uncut” is just pure, amazing tea.

The ubiquitous power of music reinforces Tavalon’s conviction that we can create incredible teas accessible to connoisseurs and those from all walks of life.