a world of tea awaits!If any of the wonderful tea lovers that read the Voice of Tea are on the fence about attending this year’s World Tea Expo (just one week away!), I’d like to take the opportunity to enthusiastically urge you to take the trip.

First of all, it is a tea lover’s playground, with virtually all the best tea companies across the globe (ahem, including your favorite tea company at booth #531).

Second, the Expo also offers tons of insightful and entertaining seminars and tastings that you can use to hone your tea skills and enjoyment, including an interactive Tea Cocktail seminar presented by none other than your friendly neighborhood Tea Sommelier!

Still need more inspiration?

OK, here’s the trump card: it’s in one of the most exciting, lively cities in the United States – Las Vegas!

So, in conclusion, going to this year’s World Tea Expo in Las Vegas will be no gamble – you’re sure to win big!