“Do I dare to eat a peach?”

Unless you are a 20th-century poet who enjoyed writing modernist love songs, this is probably a question easily answered – yes!

In fact, now is the perfect time to enjoy peaches, as we are smack in the middle of their season.   This is why many peach festivals (mostly in the South) arPrufrock couldn't resist this!e being held in these sweet few weeks when this stone fruit reigns supreme.

It would come as no surprise, then, to learn that August is National Peach Month – one of my favorite months of the year (after National Hot Tea Month and National Iced Tea Month, of course!).

And even though we’re roughly 300 miles north of the Mason-Dixon line, we (here at Tavalon) are celebrating in style.

By that, I mean of course, with Peachy Oolong – a Taiwanese oolong with nutty, floral tones brightened with a sweet, soft peach flavor, the perfect iced tea on (yet another) sweltering summer day!

I dare you to get your peach on too –  and for those really adventurous tea lovers, you can even try a tea recipe with it as well!