I'm red-dy for some tea!Today is National “Wear Red” Day to spread awareness about the #1 killer of women – heart disease.

Not only is your favorite Sommelier sporting his favorite red sweater to commemorate the day, but I’m also drinking some delicious red tea to show my support.

Rooibos, in fact, has many health benefits to keep women (and men, for that matter) strong and healthy.  Most important to this topic is that it, like most herbal teas, doesn’t contain any caffeine.

This is especially beneficial to those with pre-existing conditions of hypertension and other heart problems.  Numerous studies have found that drinking the equivalent of four cups of coffee does, in fact, raise blood pressure. Although the increase is fairly modest, it is definitely large enough to raise the risk to those more susceptible to heart attack and stroke.

So when you are honoring the day by wearing something red, do yourself a favor – drink some too!