a dapper young lad with his teaHis skin may be ice cold, but it is tea – not blood – that warms him up.   That’s right, heart throb vampire Robert Pattinson goes all sparkly for a good cup of tea!

And with box office numbers heating up with the recent debut of the third part of the blood-sucking teeny-bopper series, Eclipse, Mr. Pattinson may want to try to cool down with some iced tea as well.

Need proof?  To the left is a pic of the guy on the set of his new movie, Bel Ami, slurping his tea between takes.

And let’s not forget that good old Mr. Cullen really got his first taste of fame starring alongside Daniel Radcliffe in the Harry Potter series.  And Mr. Radcliffe, as you may remember from a  previous post, is a certified tea addict!  Perhaps that is where Robert got his love for the stuff!

In fact, in a recent interview, Pattinson’s wolfish counterpart, Taylor Lautner, also expressed his love for tea.

So whether you are a fan of Team Edward or Jacob (having seen none of the movies, I prefer to stay neutral), there is one thing all can agree on: tea is delicious!