While in front of the cameras, most of the cast of the HBO vampire series True Blood thirst for nothing other than, well, blood. Off the set, however, is a different story – the stars are all crazy for tea.

is that red tea?It should come as no surprise that the actor playing Bill Compton, Stephen Moyer, is an addict. After all, he is British, so he practically has tea running through his veins!

And in a recent article, Moyer’s fiancee Anna Paquin (who plays his girlfriend and the series’ lead, Sookie Stackhouse) calls Kombucha (a beverage made from tea) one of her “biggest vices.”

Not to be upstaged, the Aussie actor who plays Sookie’s brother Jason, Ryan Kwanten, has also professed his ardor for the steeped stuff. In an interview last year, the super-polite Kwanten sat down at a Toronto cafe to grab his favorite beverage, green tea.

With such a smart, healthy and talented cast, there is no wonder why the show is doing so well.

Keep up the good work, fellas …and keep drinkin’ good tea!