Last night I was watching re-runs of Oprah (no, she hasn’t invited me on yet) and I came across an interview with Dr. Memet Oz talking to a woman with a little foot odor problem. at least your computer doesn't smellShe tried washing them several times a day, even wearing open-toed shoes on a daily basis. No matter what she did, those piggies stank to high heaven. That is, until Dr. Oz recommended a simple cure: tea.

If you soak your foot in tea (I think black tea works best) for 20 minutes daily, you will drastically eliminate the odor in just one week. It makes sense, considering tea is relatively high in tannins which will shrink your pores and therefore lessen the amount of sweat that comes from your feet. Reduce the juice and bacteria/fungi have nothing to live on, and they are the real olfactory culprits. Once they are gone, your feet will smell sweet as jasmine.

How effective is it? A friend has actually tried this, and claims it works just as well, if not better, than an drug store product. Try it out for yourself!