“Wow, your hair looks great – have you been drinking tea?”

This is not a question that is asked often, but, according to a recent study, perhaps it should be.

healthy happy hairOn a recent blog posting, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen (you may recognize the names – they are regulars on Oprah … still waiting on my call, Ms. Winfrey…) discussed the healthiest foods for your hair’s health.  Among the lock-bolstering chow, tea had a solid role in keeping hair healthy.

“Brew a strong pot, cool it, then give your head a rinse to help kill off dandruff-causing fungus,” the doctors say.  They then go on to mention that, “if you drink green tea, the caffeine in it may help slow balding, too.”   This is because drinking tea seems to lower the production of Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT – a chemical that shrinks hair follicles and results in thinner strands.

Incidentally, since all teas have the same chemicals in it, it is safe to conclude that all teas will help slow the balding process and kill off dandruff-causing fungus.  As per the usual, the researchers concluded that the best results were achieved when 3-4 cups were taken daily.

With all the crazy things we do to our hair,  it should get some reward.   So keep it healthy and happy – drink some tea!