By taking a look at the history and breadth of eating habits throughout the world, one thing is clear: there is no one right way to eat.

mmm... now I'm starvin'...Whether it be the traditionally high fat, meat-centric diet of the Alaskan Eskimos to Buddhist vegetarianism, humans can thrive without the serious health complications (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) currently plaguing modern society.

That being said, there are definitely some food and drinks to avoid and some that you’d be smart to include in your diet. Luckily for us, Forbes magazine has determined the 12 healthiest foods (that are readily available to the average consumer) that will keep you happy and healthy well into your 100’s. Most of these include natural, unprocessed or raw foods (often called “whole foods”) – the stuff that doesn’t come from some food scientist’s laboratory.

And, of course, making this list is tea.  And not only can tea help you live longer, but the anti-aging effects will help you look younger at the same time!

So stick with your whole foods – and drink some tea!