Previously on the Voice of Tea, we talked about how the simple process of making tea into ice cubes can solve the annual dilemma of the summer sun melting your ice and the resulting dilution of your tea.

fruit punch w/ green teaWe then went on to discuss other ways in which you can use those cubes to enhance and re-invent your other favorite drinks to create something new.

Over the weekend, I played around with a bunch of different tea ice / beverage combinations with some pretty tasty results.  Below are the biggest winners:

Lemonade with Cool Mint Cubes – the hint of peppermint at the finish makes the lemonade about 10 million times more refreshing.  And, of course, I always recommend making your own lemonade from fresh squeezed lemons.  Don’t know how?  Here‘s a recipe.

Ginger Ale with Yerba Mate Cubes – the spicy earthiness of the ginger is really enhanced by the light tobacco flavor that Yerba Mate brings to the party.  I tried this with a lemon-lime soda (I used the one that rhymes with “Slight”), with fairly good results.

Fruit Punch with Pure Green Cubes –  Most fruit punches have quite a  number of juices from different fruits, which can be good in some ways (help you reach your daily goal of 5 to 9 pieces of fruit a day) but bad in others (usually brings with it a bunch of calories and sugar).   Infusing some green tea into it, however, can make it a bit healthier and very delicious!  If you are feeling really adventurous, try making your own fruit punch from fresh fruit!

Next time you want to chillax with your favorite drink, try these – or try something new!  There are so many flavor combinations imaginable with your favorite teas, the possibilities are endless!