Today, July 1st, may be an ordinary day to most Americans, but just north of the border there’s a swingin’ party going on.

a mountie!That’s because today is Canada Day, the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act, which united two British colonies and a province of the British Empire into a single country called Canada.

This day is not only notable because this Sommelier has many wonderful friends that are from the Land of Maple Syrup, but also because Canadians are crazy for their tea!

In fact, according to a report released in 2007, our kindly Canucks drank more than 274 cups of tea per capita – compare that to Americans, who averaged about 170 per mouth – that’s a considerable difference!

There are many explanations as to why there is such a difference in consumption with two countries so close together.  Some say that it is because of the climate: Canada is, on average, colder so folks are more likely to gravitate to the stuff.  Others believe it is because they never had a historically consequential event such as the Boston Tea Party to stain the image of tea.

My opinion, however, is that Canadians just get it: tea is delicious, healthy and functional.

Happy Canada Day, eh!