With October now here, the urge to eat something sweet always seems to awaken. Probably due to the evening before All Hallows (that would be Hallow Evening, or Halloween as it is spelled today), thoughts of candy corn, caramel apples – and most of all – chocolate creep out of the dark hole which my adult life has subjugated them.

that's the ticketAnd appropriately enough, it was through thoughts of chocolate- via that famous book by Roald Dahl – that inspired us to create our newest tea contest, the Golden Tea Ticket.

Here is how the contest goes down – one lucky tea lover will be extra happy this holiday season when they open their package of Tavalon tea and find a Golden Tea Ticket inside the box “ worth $1,500! Contestants are automatically entered simply by placing an order on our website between now and October 28, 2009.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity – find out more information here!

Good luck to all!