I have always thought that the best comparison for tea would be wine.

Both are sophisticated, inspiring and, well, somewhat addictive.  I’ve also always not-so-secretly hoped that tea would some day see the wonderfully meteoric (and a touch miraculous) rise to fame that wine has enjoyed in the past 20 years in the US.

an enthusiastThat is why I was especially pleased to find a particularly interesting article in this month’s issue of Wine Enthusiast, one of the most-read periodicals in the industry.

Titled “The British Invasion” the article discusses one of my favorite subjects: tea cocktails.

In fact, the piece extols tea cocktails as “the new toast of the spirits world.”  It then goes on to list myriad top-notch restaurants across the country that are concocting these luscious libations.  Exciting words (at least for me) coming from any source, but being recognized by the avant-garde of the gourmet world is truly amazing!

Now if we could just get them hooked up with some good tea cocktail recipes (wonder where they could find those!) then they’d really be on to something!