When one thinks of the food and drinks found in the Harry Potter series, one imagines strange – and sometimes deadly – is that a cup of COFFEE??!?!concoctions that could’ve only grown out of a mind raised on British cuisine.

However, between swigs of Butterbeer and slurps of Gillywater, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe seems to have found his new favorite: tea.

You see, like many of the folks in Hollywood, Mr. Radcliffe has developed a slight smoking habit. However, he recognizes not only how unhealthy it is, but also how offensive the rest of the cast (ahem – mostly children, Mr. Role Model) finds it. Reportedly, to kick the habit Daniel makes himself – and the rest of the crew of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows– a nice cup of tea.

A brilliant turnaround for the world’s greatest teenage wizard, as tea is much healthier (no magic required) and imparts a much more pleasant taste in your mouth.

Dumbledore would be so proud!