Got into a fight with your boyfriend?

Work got you stressed?

Late for your appointment and just missed your subway train?

According to a new study, when life hands you lemons, reach for a cup of tea.

The research done by Dr. Malcolm Cross at City University London finds that don't blow your top!even a single cup of tea can significantly reduce anxiety levels after suffering a stressful experience. In fact, in some cases drinking tea can make people even calmer than they were before the stressful situation!

Dr. Cross’ study went something like this: participants were put into stressful situations and then carefully observed. Some were given tea afterwards, some were not. Those who suffered without a cup of tea continued to be stressed up to a hair-pulling 25% more. Those that were given tea, on the other hand, were found to not only stop the increase of anxiety, but to actually lower it.

The study went on to show that even the act of making tea, taking a 5 minute break from your stressful activities and focusing on properly steeping, can help make you cool as a cucumber in no time.

As the old adage says,

“If you’re anxious, stressed or kinda blue,
pause to make yourself a nice, calming brew.”