My loyal readers may have noticed that the Voice has been a bit silent lately – luckily, it is because many big things are going on in the world of tea!

BAM!Particularly exciting for this Tea Sommelier was a recent interview I participated in this week with none other than Chef Emeril Lagasse.  Yep, THE Emeril.

This was taped for his new show, Cooking with Emeril – part of the Martha Stewart Living Network.

Without inspiring too much jealousy, I have to say that it couldn’t have been more fun!

Being that Chef Emeril is probably one of my biggest heroes (after all, he pretty much single-handedly made cooking “cool” again), it was an especially momentous experience.  On top of that, he is a super-friendly, down-to-earth guy that LOVES tea… can’t get much better than that!

Will keep everyone in the loop about when the show will air so you can check it out (and don’t worry – I’ll be sure to post it once it is released!).