With the Presidential vote rapidly approaching, even the antioxidant-filled folks at Tavalon have become infected with Election Fever. So much so, in fact, that some of us have begun drawing parallels between the candidates and our teas. It was on one such occasion this week that inspiration struck: why not hold our own Presidential election, with tea?

who wants tea?After hours of intense debate and political deliberation, we’ve found the two teas that best fit the personalities and backgrounds of the two main candidates.

John McCain has been in Washington for quite a few years but is always pushing for reform, and is infamous for his strong character (whether you like that character or not, we’re not judging). John reminds us of NYC Breakfast: it is our take on a tea that has been around for a while (English Breakfast), but it is trying to do something new (the maverick tea?) – thus, NYC Breakfast. Folks love this tea for its heartiness and strength, perfect for McCain supporters.

Barack Obama, on the other hand, is a fresh, new face in Washington, symbolic of what many hope will become the future of America. He has an incredibly diverse background, with family from all over the world. I’ve also heard he’s got a great hook shot. how's the tea, Barack?Similarly, the Serenity hooks you in right away with a refreshing, interesting new taste that makes many folks rethink their concept of tea. Employing herbs from around the world (Chamomile from Egypt, Peppermint from Germany, Lemongrass from Thailand, Rooibos from South Africa and Vanilla Beans from Madagascar), this is one of our finest, most sophisticated flavors – sure to woo Democratic ticket supporters.

To make this an even more exciting, interactive event, we’ll be counting the number of folks that buy the corresponding teas, and the day before the election is over (November 3rd) we’ll tally the votes (read the tea leaves, if you will) to forecast who will win the election.

So now it is your chance to fulfill your civic responsibility and cast your tea vote. Simply buy any size of either NYC Breakfast (for McCain) or Serenity (for Obama) or BOTH (if you’re an independent). Then enter promo code “teavote” in checkout (this way we know you’re not only restocking your tea supply but also participating in the election) to cast your vote.

Stay tuned for the results!