In yet another study released about tea’s benefits and the risk of stroke, Chinese researchers found that drinking tea is especially effective against a certain type of stroke known as Ischaemic stroke. Ischaemic stroke occurs when the arteries that deliver oxygen to the brain become partially or completely blocked, reducing the blood flow to the brain.

this is your brain...Researchers studied habits of 838 Chinese men and women, all aged around 70 years. They took into account gender, body mass, level of education, lifelong physical activity, smoking, alcohol intake, the presence of high blood pressure, cholesterol level, diabetes, and diet. It was in the last that they discovered one of the major variables: the frequency and duration of the intake of tea.

Those who reported drinking at least one cup of tea per week for more than 30 years had a 60 percent lower risk of ischaemic stroke. Those who drank more than 2 cups of tea daily had almost a 40 percent lower risk of such strokes on top of that!

So even though tea is a delicious treat to enjoy in the present, it also a great investment into a long, healthy happy future!