American Independence may have been spawned, at least indirectly, thanks to tea.  And what better way to celebrate this 4th of July weekend than with a little tea?

Even better, today’s cocktail recipe infuses tea into the classic American spirit (and one of my personal favorites), Bourbon, sure to bring on the fireworks!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe weekend – Happy 4th!


The American Classic

it's classic!2 oz. Peachy Oolong-infused bourbon (recipe follows)

2 Dashes peach bitters (recommended: Fee Brothers)

2 Dashes Cointreau

orange wheel

Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange wheel.

Peachy Oolong-Infused Bourbon

one 750 mL  bottle bourbon (recommended: Bulleit)

2 heaping tablespoons Peachy Oolong

One vanilla bean, split

Add tea leaves directly into full bottle, replace cap and shake vigorously to thoroughly combine. Allow to “steep” for 4-5 hours, shaking every 30 minutes for full incorporation.