One you try this delectable treat, you’ll wonder why this is not already sitting on supermarket shelves! In fact, in Taiwan, tea flavored gelatin is fairly traditional -but nothing like this! I present to you Peachy Oolong Jell-O (I guess the non-branded name would be “gelatin dessert,” but that just sounds weird).

hell-o, jell-o!Peachy Oolong Jell-O

1 heaping teaspoon Peachy Oolong
2.5 cups water, just off the boil
1½ tablespoons *unflavored* gelatin
½ cup granulated sugar

Steep tea leaves in water for 3 minutes, then strain. While tea is steeping, combine the gelatin and sugar, then add hot tea to jelly and sugar mixture and stir until the sugar completely dissolves. Pour the mixture into molds, let it cool, then refrigerate until set.

Bon appeTEA!