Today is the first full day of summer, and one thing is sure – the heat is on!

That being said, today is the perfect day to introduce a new tea cocktail!  One of my favorite cocktails to cool off comes from the sunny country of Brazil, literally translating from Portuguese as “little man from the country” – the Caipirinha.

lemongreen caipirinhaMy version presents all the classic ingredients (citrus, sugar and the sugar cane-based spirit cachaça) with a new, tea-infused twist.  As if that wasn’t cool enough, it actually deconstructs the classic Tavalon blend, Lemongreen.  Oh, yeah – and its delicious!



2 tsp lemongrass-infused simple syrup (recipe follows)

4 Kaffir limes, halved and seeded, or 2 small, juicy limes, quartered

2 oz pure green-infused cachaça (recipe follows)

Muddle limes and lemongrass syrup in the mixing glass part of a Boston shaker until the lime juice is released. Pour an old-fashioned glassful of cracked ice into the mixing glass, add the green tea-infused cachaça, and shake to incorporate. Return all the contents to the old-fashioned glass.

raw lemongrasslemongrass syrup

1 cup water

2 cups sugar

2 tablespoons Sweet Lemongrass, dry

Combine both in a pot and bring to a boil. Allow to boil for 5 minutes to fully incorporate, then take off heat and add lemongrass leaves, steeping for 15 minutes. Strain and cool completely.

green tea cachaça

1 bottle cachaça (approx 1 Liter)

1/4 cup Pure Green, dry

Add green tea leaves into the bottle of cachaça, replace cap and shake vigorously to combine. Allow to “steep” for 45 minutes, then strain.