Tea has been known to be a fighter, whether it be fighting aging, cancer or simply thirst.  But we’re going to have to chalk up another bout that tea is now engaged in: drugs.

drugs are bad, m'kay?Here’s how: researchers from the University of Western Australia Forensic and Analytical Chemistry Department have figured out a way to analyze a sample of tea and trace it all the way back to its origin.  In fact, the technique is so sophisticated that scientists can take a sample of say, our Darjeeling 1st, and work out not only that it comes from the Darjeeling region of India, but also that it comes from the Avongrove Estate.

Being that the majority of drugs are derived from plants in some way, it is fairly clear how this very same approach could be used to help locate and shut down sources of illegal substances.

Why tea, you may ask?  Simple: it is easier (ahem, and more legal) to import than drugs.

While the war on drugs is complicated and somewhat ambiguous, this technique, known as geographical provenancing, could prove useful.

And all thanks to tea!