According to the Nation’s Restaurant News, one of the leading trade publications in the industry, things are looking good for those who love tea: your are going to be seeing a lot more of it when you dine out next year.

tempting tea cocktailIn their year-end list of “Hot restaurant menu trends for 2014,”  NRN lists beer and beer cocktails as quickly becoming passé, with tea and tea cocktails as the new “it” drink on the horizon.

Now, this friendly neighborhood Tea Sommelier is not one to gloat or yell, “I told you so!” from atop the Empire State Building (that may actually get you arrested).  But I am happy to see that tea cocktails are finally getting the day in the sun that I have been working for for years (I printed my first tea cocktail recipe almost 10 years ago!).

So if you need me, I’ll be here sipping my Earl Grey MarTEAni with an ice cream-filled biscuit on the side and looking forward to the year to come!