It may have taken nearly 236 years for the city to do it, but it looks like Boston has finally made its amends with tea. After holding this grudge for so long following its raucous Tea Party, what could have turned the tables so quickly? In a city infamous for its insatiable thirst, tea did it the only way it could: booze.

That is because Absolut announced that Boston would be featured in its third city-themed flavored vodka (since 2007, starting with Los Angeles and then New Orleans).

The Green Tea Monster?The design of the bottle is reminiscent of Boston’s famous Green Monster (the nickname of the thirty-seven-foot, two-inch left field wall at Fenway Park, a popular target for right-handed hitters).

The flavors infused into the vodka are Elderberry (not sure what this has to do with Boston) and black tea (you may visualize the relationship of tea to Boston better by tossing it into your local harbor). This celebration of tea, replacing the condemnation of our Bostonian forefathers, is a sure sign of complete reconciliation!

Moreover, this gives bartenders even more inspiration to create their own tea cocktails (although I gladly offer my recipes for public consumption).

You may recall that this is not the first tea-infused vodka on the market. I’ve previously written about my friends over at Modern Spirits and their Three Tea flavored vodka, but I’d consider this more of an artisan vodka, best for sipping on its own. I’d imagine that the Absolut variety, on the other hand, will be utilized primarily as a cocktail mixer.

So should we celebrate Boston’s rediscovered love of tea? In moderation, Absolut-ly!