Bravo TV’s Padma Lakshmi is unquestionably one of this Tea Sommelier’s favorite celebrities.

Not only is she beautiful, elegant, extremely knowledgeable in the culinary arts, and the host of one of the best shows on television at this time, bOh Padma!ut in a recent NY Times interview she confessed her love for Tea Sommeliers.

Ok, so maybe she just said that her favorite routine is what she calls a “Bed Picnic,” but sometimes you have to read in between the lines. She explains that this is when she puts on some crisp, clean pajamas, steeps herself a big pot of tea and hops back in bed, lounging until the teapot is empty.

Drinking all that tea, on top of a strenuous treadmill regimen at the gym, is probably what keeps her in such great shape despite having the torturous job of eating gourmet food all day long.

Judging by her tastes on the show, I’d say that Padma would really dig the mild intricacies of the Serenity, the spiciness of the Kama Chai Sutra and the hearty depth of the NYC Breakfast.

An enthusiastic tip of the teacup to Ms. Lakshmi!