Today is the day that we honor those who have valiantly and honorably served our country: Veterans Day.

In the US, there are approximately 21.9 million (according to the Census) veterans in the United States which served in wares rangning from World War II to those who are still involved in the current wars in the Middle East.

And, of course, among these millions of brave men and women are undoubtedly quite a few tea drinkers.

“How would you know that, Mr. Sommelier?” You may ask.

Well, one such soldier is none other than my little brother, Michael D Cason.  He is currently proudly serving in the US Army in Afghanistan, just finishing up his tour (hopefully) in time to be home for the holidays.

A few weeks ago he received a little care package from his big brother (“big” is figurative, as he is actually four or five inches taller and 30 pounds bigger than me), containing – you guessed it- some calming, refreshing tea.

He liked it so much, in fact, that he decided to share with his fellow soldiers, holding an impromptu tea party.  If that seems hard to picture, don’t worry – he sent pictures.   Check it out:

numero uno

Filling the gravity teapot, Army style.


Tavalon — keeping our soldiers focused and energized!

Happy Veterans Day to all our men and women in uniform, and to those still serving, come home safe and soon!

(note: more photos to come – they have to clear the military before I can post them!  Also, stay tuned for an amazing report from my little brother Michael on the Afghani tea culture, first hand!)