While attending this year’s World Tea Expo, I had the pleasure of meeting a very passionate person named Joanie Freeman. Joanie, on top of being a tea fanatic and Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, is also the founder of choclatea, a relatively new company focused on (if you couldn’t tell by the title) tea-infused chocolates.

colors of teaWhile I’m usually not a fan of sweets, I must confess that I have a weak spot when it comes to chocolate.  But when you mix chocolate and tea, though, you’ve got me sold 100%. Plus, dark chocolate (my fav) is a superfood, so combining it with tea make it a super-healthy treat!

Joanie is doing some innovative work with tea-infused chocolates, far more adventurous than the earl grey-infused truffles practically every chocolatier on the planet is making. Her Belgian chocolate is hand-blended with crushed tea leaves, fruits and spices, creating a multi-dimensional flavor profile in every delicious bite.

While they currently have 12 flavors, I’d recommend the Dark Chocolate-Coconut Green Tea and the White Chocolate-Rosemary Tea (a surprise to me, considering I’m not usually a fan of white chocolate!). You won’t be disappointed!