hello kidney!Renal cell carcinoma, or RCC for short, is the most common types of kidney cancer in adults, responsible for approximately 80% of cases.  It is also one of the deadliest cancers to occur in that part of the body.

The major problem for patients diagnosed with RCC is that it seems to be resistant to radiotherapy as well as chemotherapy, making it fairly hard to eradicate.  That leaves scientists to have to search for a treatment in more non-traditional realms.

That is when scientists from the University of Porto in Portugal took a hint from the many other studies and tried using tea.

The findings showed that the tea “strongly inhibited the growth of RCC” – meaning that there is great potential for tea as an effective treatment for RCC and other genitourinary cancers.

While more research obviously needs to be done before this can actually be put into practice, it just goes to provide another example of how, when all else fails, tea is always good for you!