I’m very excited to announce our newest interactive promotion – the “HOT” item!

This can be any item on the site, from a 1.3 oz jar of Assam Finest to our Tavalon Mug.  And while it will appear to be just like any other item on our site, it holds a deep, hidden secret: if it is purchased, the customer wins free tea.

it's the hotness!Oh, and not just a jar of free tea – a WHOLE YEAR’S WORTH of free tea!

“But Chris,” you may say, “with so many items on Tavalon’s site, how will we ever know which item it is?”

First, you’ll need to check out either our Facebook fan page or our Twitter page (follow us now @TavalonTea) often for little hints that we’ll drop as to the whereabouts of the hot item.

Second, you’ll need a little little luck and a small sense of adventure – the hot item could be anything, so now’s a great time to try something new!

Start the search today, though – it ends next Monday (July 19th)!

Happy hunting!