As the vernal equinox comes upon us (or tea-quinox, if you will), you can feel winter has finally come to an end. The air smells fresh and verdant (which is quite an accomplishment for Brooklyn), and the sun has broken its slumber. It feels like it is time to fall in love again with a new tea.

As I always say, new season, new tea. Give English Breakfast a rest! Send Earl Grey on spring break! Say “so long” to Ceylon! The world of tea is vastly unexplored by most American taste buds.

There are so many teas that don’t get the attention that they so much deserve. A worthy example of an unknown tea treasure is Genmai cha, whose unique taste is only rivaled by its distinct appearance. Also, Silver Needle, as I often refer to as “the caviar of tea, is both subtle and fulfilling. For those trying to watch their caffeine intake, the chic Rooibos “Red” Tea is a naturally decaffeinated (yet smooth and full) substitute for the same old decaf teas.

Give your taste buds the gift of variety for the spring, try something new.