I recently had the pleasure of talking to Melkon Khosrovian, founder, ceo and vodkamaker for Modern Spirits artisan vodkas. What sparked this conversation was my frustration of finding a really good flavored vodka to infuse into my tea cocktails. In general, I’ve found Killer Vodkathat most flavored vodkas are either too artificially-flavored or too sweet (sugar is usually added to commercially flavored vodkas to mask the artificial flavors they use!). What I wanted was a vodka with balanced flavor that would work with tea rather than overpower it. What I found with Melkon and Modern Spirits was much more: a truly enlightening product that leaves you thinking “wow, I didn’t know that vodka could do that!” (similar to what I’m trying to do with tea, now that I think about it).

All flavors in the line are made with real ingredients, handmade in small batches. The flavors are subtle, but clear, perfect for sipping au naturale.

Of course, my favorite flavor that Modern Spirits offers is a blend of three teas (oolong, green tea, and black tea). And yes, you can taste the tea (but no, it is not Tavalon tea — yet).

When creating tea cocktails with most vodkas, I found myself mixing in strong, heavy ingredients to drown out the vodka flavor. But with these, I see myself more and more trying to complement the flavors. Check back soon for the results!