Ever wonder what to do with those used tea leaves after they have expended their wonderful juices?

Use that tea!Well, if you are anything like this Tea Sommelier, you probably don’t get the doctor-recommended 7 to 8 hours of sleep your body needs daily. This often results in dark rings around puffy, irritated eyes. Not so attractive.

Besides going to bed a little earlier (which is usually not an option), there is another solution: tea. Or specifically, used tea leaves.

First, make yourself a cup of tea. And after you’ve infused the loose leaves and they’ve cooled slightly, just throw them in two loosely tied pouches of cheese cloth. Turn on some relaxing music (classical works well for this Tea Sommelier), and plop the pouches on your eyes.

Leave the tea pouches on your eyes for a good 10-15 minutes (keeping your eyes shut, of course). This will give your mind, as well as your eyes, a chance to center and rejuvenate.

Finally, take the tea pouches off your eyes and gently rinse your face. After just a few applications, the dark circles will start to disappear.

And don’t forget to drink that tea you prepared earlier – that’s good for you too!