tealess and bedriddenLooking for a natural way to help prevent infection from the dreaded Influenza bug?

Two new studies think that an answer may be simple and readily available: tea.

The first study that’s in progress, the first to test this theory on humans, has both men and women ingest tea every day for five months. At the end of the trial, researchers will compare incidence rates of Influenza infection in those taking the active treatment with those given a placebo.

Another study on the topic has been also been initiated from the University of Shizuoka (near where a lot of our Japanese teas come from!) in Japan. They are planning of having folks walk around wearing face masks to assess their ability to prevent the flu – but not just regular face masks, they are infused with tea!

While both of these tea-influenza studies are merely in their infancy, I’d rather be safe than sorry – stay away from sneezing swine, and (of course) drink lots of tea!