According to a study released yesterday from the University of Washington, the fifth ranked cancer when it comes to major of causes of death, ovarian cancer, may have met its match – with a cup of tea.

hsp90 (not party streamers)Researchers believe that it is the salutary compound found naturally and abundantly in tea, EGCG, that targets and directly binds to a molecule known as HSP90.

HSP90, which is present at higher levels in cancer cells, has been known trigger the elimination of cancer-fighting compounds (where they are desperately needed), eventually leading to full-blown cancer.

When EGCG binds to this molecule, though, it hijacks the process, preventing the cascade of events from happening before it even begins.

Amazingly, out of the 2,000+ of women who participated in the study, those who drank just a cup or more of tea on a daily basis had a 54% lower rate of ovarian cancer.

So to all of my intelligent, wonderful female readers – it just makes sense, make it a routine to drink (at least!) a cup a day!