by teasommelier — Posted in Health Benefits, Tea Musings on December 4, 2009

Onions, The Flu and Red

My friend Miriam over at Teava (mentioned previously on the Voice of Tea) recently sent me an interesting article which explained why athletes who eat more onions are less likely to catch the flu than those that don’t.

don't cry...The answer may seem obvious, but no, Influenza’s aversion to onion breath is not the reason for this.  It actually has to do with a compound called quercetin.

Researchers found that those who exercised frequently (which is healthy, but can increase your risk of sickness) and did not receive quercetin were at a 91% increased susceptibility to infection, while those given the quercetin offset infection risk by 63%.

“Sounds like a great way to prevent infection, but what is my favorite Tea Sommelier doing talking about onions,” you may ask?

Well, besides onions, there’s another great source of quercetin: Rooibos. In fact, quercetin is one of the main flavonoids found in the herbal tea, just like the ever-popular EGCG is one of the heavy hitters for “real” teas.

So stay fit and healthy – go for a jog and drink some red tea!