It has been quite a while since my last posting, I am a bit ashamed to say, but for rather good reason.

the knot's been tied!Over the past month, your friendly neighborhood Tea Sommelier was not only married (sorry, ladies) but also went on his first-ever vacation / honeymoon since the creation of Tavalon.

Without boring my fair readers with too many of the dull details of the events, I would like to mention that my wedding day was filled with love, happiness and plenty of tea!

For my honeymoon, I traversed the Atlantic to the verdant pastures and thankfully cooler temperatures of the Emerald Isle.  The Irish are known for many things, but it was their tea-drinking habits (they are usually ranked in the top 3 tea drinking countries in the world) that surprised me most – for being so fanatical about the stuff, I must admit to have been quite underwhelmed with the quality of their leaves.  Guess Tavalon will have to invade soon!

With a new outlook on life and a far less hectic schedule, I look forward to continue my musings, recipes and general celebration of all things tea!