Ladies and gentlemen, as much as we wish to deny it or just not think about it, summer will soon be here. That means, unfortunately, that we’ll soon be shedding all those layers of clothing we’ve been hiding behind for the past several months.

He sorely needs some teaIf you are going to transform winter’s flab into summer “fab,” it’s probably not a bad idea to join a gym and start working out again.  And that is where the problem usually lies: starting a workout routine means weeks of sore muscles at the beginning, which is why most folks don’t stay committed to it.

However, there may be a simple answer: drink plenty of tea.  According to a new study released by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, drinking tea may lead to improved muscle recovery, making it easier to keep the routine going.

The double-blind experiment gave half the subjects tea and half the subjects a non-tea placebo (Harney and Sons, I’d guess).

The results showed that the group drinking the tea had significantly greater endurance, less muscle soreness and lower cortisol secretion (cortisol is a hormone which causes lack of motivation to train, loss of muscle and loss of appetite) than the group taking placebos.

So lose that weight and still feel great – hit the gym …and drink some tea!