In probably the boldest New Year’s Resolution this Tea Sommelier has ever read, Sri Lanka officially announced today that it would remove all remaining references to the name Ceylon from all state institutions.

ceylon logoThe name Ceylon refers to the old British colonial name, itself a transliteration of the Portuguese “Ceilão” the original European discoverers called it.   The British took over control of the Indian ocean island in 1815 and relinquished power in 1948.  However, many groups within Sri Lanka stuck with the old name of Ceylon up until this day.

One rather notable exception to this decree is that the world-famous tea that comes from this region will not have to change its name – after all, why would one want to give up all the hard-earned notoriety and have to start afresh?

It is so interesting to hear that, although politics may change the world from time to time, a sense of pride in ones art – in this case a perfectly balanced black tea – still can speak for itself.