We’ve spoken many times about tea’s ability to, with the aid of a good diet and exercise, help burn calories quicker.  This is based on numerous studies supporting this health benefit, but most of these studies are rather general about who and how this works.

However, a new study out of Canada gets much more specific.

According to the research, when scientists compared beverage drinking habits among adult men, those who enjoyed a cup of tea at sommelier absleast twice a day had a significantly lower occurrence of abdominal obesity (excess fat around the midsection) than those who drank coffee or neither.

This is good news, guys, as abdominal obesity has been linked to a number of health risks prevalent in men, including heart disease and diabetes.

The findings did not reveal the same results for women (sorry ladies!), though: in terms of abdominal obesity, all beverages produced virtually the same results.   It seems tea only gives men a trimmer waistline!

However, it is important to point out that this study only measured abdominal obesity, so does not, by any means, conclude that women cannot lose weight by drinking tea – the previous studies have already proven the opposite.