i am iron man!In a recent interview, actor Robert Downey Jr. was asked about the pressures from the high expectations critics and fans are piling upon the upcoming Iron Man 2.

“I’ve been through a lot in life,” said Mr. Downey as he slowly sipped a cup of tea, “and I don’t get afraid anymore.”   No doubt this relaxation is due to the tea’s L-Theanine absorbing into his body, keeping him calm yet focused.

He then goes on to mention a calmer, healthier outlook he’s found on life, saying “it’s tea time. Let’s relax with each other.”

It seems our favorite Iron Man is an official tea addict (a solid step forward from some of his past addictions), which is the reason that this is one of the smartest superheroes ever written!

Keep drinking tea, Mr. Downey – you’ll always be super in our eyes!