A few studies have surfaced recently in an attempt to defile the good name of tea, claiming that it is a dangerous drink in that it blocks the body’s ability to absorb iron, possibly causing a deficiency.

he's got a lot of ironWhile there is a smidgeon if validity in this, you should not toss your teacups in alarm. By taking a more reasonable look at the issue, it is clear that tea is unfairly singled out and the supposed danger is drastically exaggerated.

Studies have found that drinking tea can indeed reduce a person’s ability to ingest iron, due to the compounds found in tea known as tannins. But studies have also found that it is unlikely to have much of an impact towards one’s overall health. After all, most Americans generally get far more iron from their diets than needed.

Also, tea does not block the absorption of all iron, just the kind found in grains and vegetables. Iron found in meat, fish and poultry is completely unaffected by tea’s tannins.

And by the way, tea is not alone in its reductive qualities – coffee, too, has been shown to lower the amount of iron the body can receive.

When considering the many health benefits one receives from drinking a few cups of tea on a daily basis, it seems silly to even consider this insignificant effect.

So drink with no fear, stay healthy and happy!