With more folks enjoying the great outdoors in the changing season, there is a logical shift towards drinks with ice.  The problem is, of course, that the heat melts the aforementioned ice, diluting the drink.

However, there is a very easy solution – tea ice.

tea iceNot to be confused with its cousin iced tea, tea ice insures that even if your ice melts no flavor will be lost.

To make tea ice, simply make a little more of whatever tea you’re going to make as an iced tea.  Fill your ice cube tray with this extra tea and stick it in the freezer.  By the time your iced tea is properly chilled, the tea ice should also be frozen solid.  This way, when the iced tea and the tea ice are combined, if your ice melts it simply becomes iced tea!

Now, that concept – while useful – is fairly basic, and being the creative that I am, I wasn’t satisfied.  So I created a bunch of tea ices and paired them with different drinks – with some pretty delicious results!  I’ll be sharing my results over the next couple postings, but here is the first: Rooibos Vanilla Cola.

First, brew up a little Rooibos Vanilla and pour it into your ice cube tray.  Once frozen, use as the tea ice cubes for your favorite cola (I like Bluesky Cola because it is organic and doesn’t use High Fructose Corn Syrup, but if you are going to get the commercial stuff at least get Mexican Coke, which uses sugar instead of HFCS).  It’s okay if the cola is at room temperature when it is poured over the tea ice – it will melt it a little and mix into the drink!

Stay tuned for more!