Bouncing here and there.....You’ve probably heard of Green Tea ice cream and maybe even Chai-Steamed Halibut (if you haven’t, just read the second-last post!), but how about tea-flavored Gummy Bears? The newest offering bouncing into Tavalon is exactly that: organic, gluten-free and tea-full Tea Gummies! I have to admit, I am really proud and excited about these little treats. Not only does it remind me of my youth (this was a gastronomic staple of any movie-watching experience), but it now can include my favorite thing: TEA! (It took the place of Gummy-Beary Juice). We have three great offerings that epitomize Tavalon: White Tea Pomegranate, Green Tea Spiced Peach, and Blueberry If you are feeling even friskier, try all three mixed together in out Tea Gummies.

Mat-cha, mat-cha maaan! Also new on the horizon is another instant classic: Green Tea Latte Almonds. Where did this idea come from, you may ask? Imagine this scenario: your favorite Tea Sommelier is burning the midnight oil to make sure that you are up-to-date on everything tea and, all the while, munching on some plain ol’ almonds. He asks himself, “What would make these plain ol’ almonds better? Hmmm… chocolate.” But “better” is not good enough for Tavalon, folks. He melts some chocolate, tosses in some almonds, then dusts them with matcha green tea. That’s the best.

What makes these treats great is, not only do they taste great, but they are actually chock-full of antixodants. So, while you are indulging in a sweet treat, you are actually doin’ your body some good!

That’s a better life through tea.

Any other cool tea treat you’ve been craving or recipe you’d like to share? Let me know!