by teasommelier — Posted in Enjoyment, Health Benefits, Tea Musings on December 14, 2009

Home Remedy for Doggy Dry Eyes

In response to the cold weather, we often crank up our heaters to keep ourselves warm.  While this can bring temporary comfort, and is definitely better than freezing, it can also cause problems.

i love you, why do you let my eyes get dry?Heaters have a tendency to dry out skin and irritate eyes, so many folks find themselves itching more as a result, and buying lotion, eye drops, etc, to quell the symptoms.

What most folks don’t think of, though, is that the same is true for the furry friends (our dogs and cats) we tend to keep around the house. They, too, can get dried out from indoor heating.  But there is some relief, luckily, with some nice, calming tea.

Simply steep up a cup of chamomile and allow to cool to room temperature.  Add a pinch of sea salt and stir to dissolve (you’ve basically just made a suped-up saline solution). The salt washes the bacteria away while the herbal tea soothes their eyes.

To apply, use a cotton ball to soak up the tea mixture and dab your pet’s eyelids for a few seconds, squeezing the cotton a little bit.  To avoid any contamination, use a separate cotton ball for each eye.  For severe cases, repeat this process 2-3 times a day for a few days.

By the way, this tea treatment works great on humans too!

May everyone be happy and healthy this winter, thanks to tea!