Those dry Martinis did the work for me:

Last night at twelve I felt immense,

Today I feel like thirty cents.

My eyes are blurred, my coppers hot,

I’ll try to eat, but I cannot.

It is no time for mirth and laughter,

The cold, gray dawn of the morning after.

— George Ade, The Sultan of Sulu (1903)

Maybe this St. Patrick’s Day was a little too happy for some, or maybe there actually is such a thing as too many tea cocktails, but there are many groggy, lethargic faces walking around the office today.

But, luckily for all the revelers for the good Saint, there may be a little help – with a cup of tea.

After all, not only does drinking tea help rehydrate you (dehydration is one of the main causes of the symptoms of hangovers), but certain teas may help even further.

holly hangoverOur Purity blend, for example (which the folks in the Tavalon office call “Chris’s Hangover Helper” … a lot of tea cocktail testing causes this!), also helps to settle your queasy stomach (thanks to the peppermint), detoxify your body (thanks to the ginger) and perk you up (thanks to the caffeine).

Of course, this is by no means my way of condoning the excessive drinking that would result in a hangover – the simplest way to avoid a nasty morning after is to simply not drink too much!

Hope everyone feels better tomorrow (with a little help from some tea!).