Among the myriad types of cancer, they are fairly rare. Between four and six per 100,000 women and between six and eight per every 100,000 men are reported to have them. In fact, a person has a less than one percent chance of developing a malignant brain tumor.

However, brain cancer can not only be one of the more excruciating forms of the disease, but also one of the hardest to treat. Therefore, find out ways to lower chances even more would be quite advantageous.

healthy brainTo this end, researchers at Brown University and Imperial College London studied more than 500,000 people in hopes to find some congruence. Amazingly, what they found was that people who drank higher amounts of tea were about 34% less likely to develop gliomas, the most common form of brain tumor.

The researchers believe that the antioxidants in tea may protect the brain against cancer cells. Also, the caffeine found naturally in tea may restrict blood flow to the brain and stop the growth of tumors.

While the researchers take pains to note that the findings are very preliminary, this just another reason to drink lots of tea!