A few months ago, a wonderful young lady asked me, “Hey Chris, do you like cookies?”

Of course, the only logical response to this inquiry is, “Well, yeah! Who doesn’t like cookies?”

And that is when my now-friend Allison  – or, as she is known in the industry, Alley O’ – handed me something new.  Even better than cookies, I have since realized, are tea-infused cookies.

“Alley” makes many great organically made cookies, but by far my favorite that she offers is her Green Tea Zen cookie.cookie!

I was lucky enough to have my first bite of her new creation, as we got together to serve our products at a local Whole Foods yesterday.

The first bite is a sweet combination of organic brown sugar (none of that over-processed white stuff), chocolate and cranberries, which then fades into the familiar nutty, hearty flavor of a good Genmai cha.  All-in-all, a great cookie experience.

But what makes this cookie even sweeter is the fact that the tea that Mrs. O uses is none other than Tavalon!

And you don’t have to take my word for it, Alley’s cookies have been featured all over the place, including a huge endorsement from the likes of none other than Rachael Ray!

While Alley won’t divulge the secrets of her recipe for me to write about (word has it it is a family secret passed down through the generations), she bakes and sends the cookies as fresh as can be – chances are they’ll never make it out of the shipping box before they are devoured!

Try them now!