At 47 years old, Barack Obama went from being a longshot at getting his party’s nomination to the 44th President of the United States of America. hope it is barackin'!And now, today, this monumental year comes to an end. That’s right, today is President Obama’s birthday.

Instead of crooning in a breathy, Monroe-esque contralto, I’ve decided the best homage I could offer (especially in these economically dreary times) is a discount on the tea created in his honor, Barackin’ Berry. So for the rest of his birthday week (until Friday evening), I’ve cut the price by 50%.

I created this blend specifically for the presidential tastebuds (as you’ve probably read in previous blog posts, he is a tea fanatic) based on preferences named in various interviews. But this tasty concoction should be enjoyed by all – so get some now while it is on sale!

Hope the 48th year brings you good health (with good tea, of course) and a healthy country!