When one mentions Hong Kong, the first things most folks picture are noodles, boathouses, and maybe Jackie Chan, but probably not wine. However, just a year after dropping their duties on the product, it became the third-largest wine trading hub in the world.

Tea is Chan-tastic!And just a few days ago, officials announced that they’d like to do the same thing with tea. Being that its port facilities are among the best in the world, not to mention the proximity to mainland China (the world’s biggest tea producer), it may have a chance to not only reach this goal but become the center for tea trade in the world.

This is somewhat significant to me, as drawing a parallel from wine and tea is something which I’ve been preaching for quite a while. Both bring a certain milieu of culture and sophistication. Most importantly, if tea can follow the meteoric success of wine in America, we may be able to rise up out of the coffee bean ditch this country has been wallowing in for the past few decades!

In the light of this news, maybe I should come up with a Jackie Chan blend – after all, it was the Hong Kong-born superstar who once said, “I hope next time when we meet, we won’t be fighting each other. Instead we will be drinking tea together.”