I am very pleased to announce that, at long last, my good friend Cindy Gold’s new book Culinary Tea has finally hit the bookshelves!

I found this news out today, as a glistening new copy showed up on my doorstep, waiting to be devoured.culinary excellence!

And looking through the myriad tea recipes infused within this soon-to-be-classic, I know I will personally devour many of them very soon.

As you probably know, I have been creating tea recipes and cocktails for quite some time now, but after flipping through the pages of Culinary Tea, it is very clear that I have to step up my game.  The recipes in here are not only unique, but sound exquisitely delicious as well!

While most of the recipes are creations of Cindy and her co-writer Lise Stern, there were a few concoctions that were contributed by outside sources.  And, lucky for me, one of those sources was none other than your friendly neighborhood Tea Sommelier!

In fact, there are a few of my tea recipes highlighted in this wonderful collection!

Run out and get your copy today!